Legalities on Keeping and Catching Venomous Snakes

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As the rural area's development invades the habitat of the wildlife species, and the place remains full of critters and rodents, there is a high possibility that a snake will end up on your property. While most of the snakes that will visit you are considered non-venomous, the authorities are concerned about how common it is for the people to handle the matters personally by killing the intruding animal. Aside from safety and health risk, it also comes with legal troubles. You may end up paying a fine or dealing with other legal repercussions if you mishandle this.

What Are the Existing Laws on Capturing Venomous Snakes?
All types of wildlife species are protected under our law. Therefore, killing or improperly capturing a venomous snake may breach the law, especially the Territory Parks and Conservation Act. You could've been unknowingly exposing yourself to some legal risks. The penalty that comes with this is not more than five years of imprisonment and a fine amounting to $77,000. Nonetheless, there are still exceptions in the law. Suppose the venomous snake imposes an absolute imminent threat to the pets or the household members, then you are allowed to capture or kill them. Despite the law's limitation, wildlife experts will still not advise a regular person to catch a venomous snake. It can lead to injury, serious illness, and even death. According to the statistics, most snakebites occur to those people who are trying to capture the snake.

Will You Get Charged if You Capture Venomous Snakes?
You are probably wondering why the prison isn't full yet when many people are using this illegal method. There were incidences of imprisonment and fines related to the capturing and killing of snakes in the past, but it also involved the slaughtering of other wildlife species. All potential charges will be dropped as soon as they prove that they are in absolute imminent danger. Nonetheless, you should still remember that you are in the red zone if you plan to capture or kill a snake.

What Do I Need to Capture A Venomous Snake?
Besides the tools, protective gear, knowledge, skills, and experience, you will need to secure a venomous snake permit. By securing this permit, you will be allowed to hunt, kill, or catch venomous snakes, such as copperheads and rattlesnakes. You are required to carry this permit all the time when performing activities related to venomous snakes. You should also carefully read the terms and conditions that come with it. Pay attention to the limitations on the snakes that you can capture, such as the length, species, and others. You are also required to create a report after you catch the venomous snakes.

When capturing the snake, especially the venomous type, it is imperative to be aware of the rules and regulation that comes with it. While the prosecution and charges on trapping and killing snakes are rare, the threat to your life and safety should still be the most significant deterrent. Allow the professional snake removal companies to deal with your venomous snake problem. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Bridgeport